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Vida With Christie

Quick & Easy Yogurt Parfaits With iÖGO

I used to skip breakfast. Not once or twice a week, but all the damn time. I knew this was definitely not a good for my health, but I thought I had no choice. I was convinced I had no time, however I was very wrong. There are so many quick and easy ways to […]

Vida With Christie

Episode 15 | Toxic Mommy Tribes

Being a parent is hard work, and it’s great to have a team by your side to support you every step of the way. However, what happens when that “support” is doing you more harm than good? On this episode, I discuss issues I’ve encountered with mommy bloggers/vloggers, mommy influencers and online mommy groups that […]


Episode 9 | Reconnecting With My Faith

Easter weekend just passed and the religious holiday had me thinking about my faith, and how I’m applying it to my life as an individual and as a parent. On this episode, I reflect on what I’ve done to reconnect with my faith, even though I’m still working on it, and what has influenced me […]