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Vida With Christie

Quick & Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

I absolutely love baking, and now that ZoZo is getting older it’s awesome to have a little helper. She tends to make a total mess and wants to do it all by herself (which can make things tricky), however it’s important that she learns through experimentation and application. I wanted to stay on the safer […]

Vida With Christie

Quick & Easy Yogurt Parfaits With iÖGO

I used to skip breakfast. Not once or twice a week, but all the damn time. I knew this was definitely not a good for my health, but I thought I had no choice. I was convinced I had no time, however I was very wrong. There are so many quick and easy ways to […]

Mexican Food Toronto

Cinco De Mayo: You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

I never make a big deal about Cinco De Mayo. You may be thinking, “Why the hell not?”. It’s the perfect reason to have a margarita or take shots of tequila! You can wear a sombrero and make tacos! Right?… Not exactly. These are some of the reasons why you’re celebrating Cinco De Mayo all wrong. […]