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Vida With Christie

Episode 20 | Boss Chicas Global

I was interviewed for a Boss Chicas Global Facebook Live and shared many details about my content creation and parenting journey. As Boss Chicas Global is a private Facebook group, I wanted to share my interview on the podcast to give the public a chance to tune in and learn more about me. Featured Song […]

Vida With Christie

Episode 19 | How To Prioritize Your Life

You have a million things to do, but so little time. On top of that, you feel exhausted and run down. What can you do? Practice the tips I share in this episode, and approach, to prioritize your life. Learn what needs to be on top of your list, what you may need to remove, […]

Vida With Christie

Learning About Pride Through Face Painting

June is Pride Month, and I’m fortunate to live in Toronto as the city celebrates it to the fullest. Pride Toronto puts on events to celebrate all month long, from concerts to the grand finale Pride Parade. Since ZoZo is getting older, I thought this year would be the perfect time to have a little […]

Vida With Christie

Episode 16 | Speaking About Mental Health

Trigger Warning: There is mention of mental health issue and suicide which can be triggering to some listeners. I would love for you to listen, but I understand if you need to skip this episode for your own well-being. We have lost two brilliant people this week, in the public eye, as a result of […]

Vida With Christie

A Note To Heaven On Mother’s Day

As many of you may know, my mother passed away in 2017 due to metastatic breast cancer. Losing my mother has been life changing to say the least. As she battled cancer, I tried the best I could to prepare myself for what it would be like for her to not be physically with us, […]

podcast en español

Episode 12 | Vida With Christie

I am VERY happy to announce that this episode features a segment 100% in Spanish! Para los que prefieren escuchar en Español, pueden avanzar a 32:33. In this episode I share a little about me and what this podcast truly represents. Why am I talking into a mic? What is the purpose of this podcast? […]

Vida With Christie

Episode 11 | Killing It At The Mamá Life

How can we be the best parents for our children? No one knows the exact answer or a secret formula. However, what we do know is that there is no perfect parent out there who does everything right. On this episode, I share how I make a difference in my child’s life, along with the […]

Vida With Christie

Episode 10 | Putting It Out Into The Universe

I’ve committed to this podcast and I’ve made it to episode 10! It’s all about celebrating the wins and reflecting of all that I’ve achieved thus far, but most importantly it’s also about setting goals and intentions for the future. This episode also includes what’s to come on the podcast and I reveal plans that […]

Episode 9 | Reconnecting With My Faith

Easter weekend just passed and the religious holiday had me thinking about my faith, and how I’m applying it to my life as an individual and as a parent. On this episode, I reflect on what I’ve done to reconnect with my faith, even though I’m still working on it, and what has influenced me […]

Episode 6 | A Little Weight Gain. A Whole Lot Of Baggage.

I made a big announcement on this episode, which has caused me to reflect on the weight gain I’ve recently experienced and how I’ve addressed my weight in the past. On #MamáLife, I discuss how my body changed during and after pregnancy, as well as make mention of the pressures women experience from external influences […]