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The Best 2018 Kids Advent Calendars

This year I kicked off this holiday season on Vida With Christie with The Best 2018 Advent Calendars to spoil ourselves with, however as a parent I felt it was only right I cover our kiddies too. Last year was the first time I got to truly experience the joy of little ones as they […]

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The Best 2018 Advent Calendars

It’s November, and even though everyone may not agree, it is officially time to kick off the Christmas season. If you’re an early bird like me when it comes to Christmas shopping, you may already have gift suggestions and list put together for all your loved ones. But how about for ourselves? I love to […]

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Episode 20 | Boss Chicas Global

I was interviewed for a Boss Chicas Global Facebook Live and shared many details about my content creation and parenting journey. As Boss Chicas Global is a private Facebook group, I wanted to share my interview on the podcast to give the public a chance to tune in and learn more about me. Featured Song […]

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Carlos Vives Live in Toronto | Concert Review

This article was written a year ago in my last blog, A Style Soiree. Facebook Memories reminded me of the event, which was one of the happiest days of my life. Seeing Carlos Vives perform was a true honour, and I wanted to commemorate it by resharing this article a year later. I seriously can’t […]

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Maple Bacon Sausage Sauté Recipe

I was never taught to cook. Not because my parents didn’t want to teach me, but rather because my mom was confident that I’d figure it out on my own one day. Believe it or not, I learned while living away from home in college by watching Rachael Ray. I didn’t memorize the recipes, but […]

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Episode 19 | How To Prioritize Your Life

You have a million things to do, but so little time. On top of that, you feel exhausted and run down. What can you do? Practice the tips I share in this episode, and approach, to prioritize your life. Learn what needs to be on top of your list, what you may need to remove, […]

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Episode 18 | Families Belong Together

The situation at the Mexico-USA border is out of control. Children have been separated from their families, and more than 2,000 have yet to be reunited. It does not matter what the immigration status of a person is, no one should be treated this way. On this episode, I discuss my stance on the immigration […]

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Quick & Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

I absolutely love baking, and now that ZoZo is getting older it’s awesome to have a little helper. She tends to make a total mess and wants to do it all by herself (which can make things tricky), however it’s important that she learns through experimentation and application. I wanted to stay on the safer […]

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Learning About Pride Through Face Painting

June is Pride Month, and I’m fortunate to live in Toronto as the city celebrates it to the fullest. Pride Toronto puts on events to celebrate all month long, from concerts to the grand finale Pride Parade. Since ZoZo is getting older, I thought this year would be the perfect time to have a little […]

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Episode 17 | 2018 FIFA World Cup

On this episode I talk about anything and everything #2018WorldCup! From the official music of the tournament to my predictions on who will win the championship. I also do a segment in Spanish, at the end of the episode, and briefly speak about FPF’s (Peru) return to the World Cup after 36 years, and the […]